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Where Surfing Traffic Cycles!

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Exclusive advertising and cash machine for use by
Passive-Earner.com members!

Earn tokens by participating in the Passive-Earner.com program and then turn those tokens into more advertising and more cash at SurfCycler.com. When you advertise on SurfCycler.com you are targeting the most active members from our community.

Each token you earn on Passive-Earner.com can be turned into 5000 SurfCycler advertising credits plus a cycler position.  SurfCycler members have the opportunity to take part in our unique, never-ending cycler. Every 2 positions entering the cycler will cycle out 1 position. Each position that successfully cycles will earn $.10 paid to your Passive-Earner.com account plus another token.

We have built in a Surfing Requirement to enhance your marketing! In order for positions to cycle they must be kept active by meeting a 24-hour surfing requirement. How many sites you surf and the time you view them depends on your Passive-Earner.com membership level.

You have the opportunity to take part in the unique never-ending cycler.  Every time cycler stalls, the system will reset it by paying all active positions an equal share from the reset funds and clearing the enitre cycler queue and starting over.